Spanish 2, unit 1: back to school flashcards



Looking to incorporate writing into your Back khổng lồ School activities? In unit 1 of our Write On! resource, students will write narratives about surviving a new grade cấp độ in a fun và engaging writing boot camp!

This unit will guide your students in writing two personal narrative pieces & includes everything you need lớn drive your instruction. We have two themes for writing in this writing unit: My (2nd/3rd) Grade Survival Guide và Secret Sergeants. These are the perfect way lớn begin your year with a bang as the students learn the basics of writing.

This unit also includes two weeks’ worth of plans to fully implement Write On! Workshop in your classroom.

Here’s what is included:

Week One: My Survival Guide

I Can Statements5 Days of Lesson Plans that include everything you need for minilessons, independent practice, & share time.Standards for TEKS và Common CoreMaterials for anchor chartsGraphic Organizers and Student PrintablesA Writing Process Cheer/ChantInteractive Writing Process ChartBasic Training Brainstorming ActivitySolider Drop Complete vs. Incomplete Sentences Revising ActivityInteractive Paragraph Writing Chart for StudentsPunctuation Patches Ending Punctuation ActivitySnapshot Details Activity and CraftSurvival Guide Paper Bag Book Publishing

Week Two: Secret Sergeants Student Riddles

I Can Statements5 Days of Lesson Plans that include everything you need for minilessons, independent practice, and share time.Standards for TEKS and Common CoreMaterials for anchor chartsFill the CanteenRiddle Organization FlapsRiddle Rough Draft Flip-BookGraphic Organizers and Student PrintablesSimple và Compound Sentence Boot SortCapital HuntSecret Sergeant Publishing PaperSecret Sergeant Craft

Week Three và Four:

Journal Writing Anchor ChartJournal Writing Modeling MaterialsJournal Writing ChecklistMake Your Mark Journal Writing & CraftRate My Writing – Writing ExpectationsRate My Writing RubricConstructive Feedback: Lend a Helping Hand ActivityGiving Feedback: Helpful or Hurtful ChartDon’t Have a quái dị Mouth ActivityJournal Prompts

Write On Components:

How to group studentsWriting folder MaterialsStatus of the Class MaterialsWriting TemplatesSetting Goals Anchor Chart MaterialsHow to Use RubricsHow lớn Set Up Your Writing BlockWrite On! folder CreationWrite On! Do’s ChartWrite On! Goal Setting Interactive ActivityDragons Love Tacos Mentor Text ActivityDragon Craft: On Fire for Word ChoiceTaco các buổi party Invitation Creation with Taco Craft

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This unit was made by Hope King & Amy Lemons! We hope you enjoy! There is a lot included in this unit, so make sure you check out the preview!