I ask because it is supposedly correct khổng lồ say "last night". Why don"t we say "last afternoon" or "last morning"?


Yes, constructions such asThe series will continue tomorrow evening.The show closes next Wednesday night.The package arrived on Christmas morning.Bạn vẫn xem: 'in yesterday evening' 'on yesterday evening' which one is right? thanks

are quite common.

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For night, it is more customary lớn say last night rather than yesterday night, although we bởi say yesterday evening, tomorrow night, Saturday night, và so on.

When the day is itself a compound, I think this compact form is less common, however. Khổng lồ say

We should arrive the day after tomorrow morning

sounds unnatural lớn me; my eyes jump to the phối phrase "tomorrow morning," & then I wonder how there can be a full day after a part of a day, & then I realize I have parsed it wrongly. Better to lớn have said

We should arrive the morning of the day after tomorrow.


Yesterday afternoon is correct, but your sentences are wrong. The correct sentences are:

I started for London yesterday morning.

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The way to lớn refer lớn times of day with reference to lớn now is (if it is noon) in order (in American Emglish):...yesterday (for anything before 12am 12 hours before but "night")yesterday afternoonyesterday eveninglast night (this is the weird one that doesn"t follow the pattern)this morning today (for any time during the day we are in)this afternoonthis eveningtonighttomorrow morning tomorrow ... (for anything starting from 12 midnight in 12 hours)...

I hesitate to lớn say for fear that doing so puts them into people"s heads, but one does not say: "today noon" or "today morning" or "yesterday night" or "this night". These latter may be appropriate in other varieties of acsregistrars.vn, but not in AmE.

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Why is this the case (why the irregularity for "tonight" và "last night"? That"s just the way it is, people just speak that way. A logical reorganization might make it easier for EFL but it wouldn"t respect the pattern that native speaker"s grow up with.