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Fill in the blank with a word/ phrase in the box.












My favourite hobby is (1)

và I lượt thích so much (2)

new plants & (3)

them in daily morning. I enjoy seeing flowers (4)

and plants (5)



really (6)

sense of great achievements và realize the fact of life. It helps me keep (7)

fit, (8)

, strong and (9)

. Watering plants và gardening on daily basis is a

best (10)

for me which positively moulds my mind và body.


Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D to lớn fill each blank in the following passage.

My favourite hobby is coin (1)

. It is also one of the oldest (2)

of the world

and is also called "hobby of the Kings", as in the old times, it was only done by kings và elite class of

the society. It started for me some years back when my father used khổng lồ come back (3)


foreign tours and give me coins of (4)

countries. I started collecting them in my

money box & after that I always used khổng lồ wait for my new coins as much I used lớn wait for my father.

Since then, it has become my favourite hobby. This hobby has given me information about different

countries of the world. I feel extreme pleasure in (5)

my collection to (6)



has also taught me this lesson that A LIFE (7) A HOBBY IS JUST (8)




A. Collecting

B. Collection

C. Collected

D. Collectors


A. Hobby

B. Hobbies

C. Game

D. Games


A. After

B. In

C. From

D. Of


A. Other

B. Different

C. Unlike

D. Diverse


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A. Showing

B. Show

C. Shown

D. Khổng lồ show


A. Other

B. Another

C. Others

D. Person


A. With

B. About

C. Without

D. Of


A. As

B. Like

C. If

D. Likes

III.Read the article and then decide whether the statements are true (T) or (F).

After school Kien usually goes swimming. He goes to lớn the swimming pool five times a week. His

swimming pool is very good. The pool is 25 metres long & has six lanes. More than a thousand

children have swimming lessons there every month.

His swimming instructor is experienced & friendly, but she is also strict. She

Lessons last 45 minutes, but he usually trains for an hour & a half. During the lesson he swims

about two kilometers. His favourite swimming styles are crawl an backstroke.

He practices a lot to improve his swimming skills. He wants to achieve good results. Last month he

participated in a swimming competition. Ten swimmers from three schools took part in the

competition. He won first prize.

Swimming is his favourite sport. Swimming is interesting và pleasant, and it helps him lớn keep fit.

True or False?

Kien goes to home after school.

He practices swimming five times a month.

His swimming instructor is so hard.

He swims about five kilometers during the lesson.

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The best friend won first prize in the swimming competition.

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