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The following slightly abuses the notion of "equals" but in a way that is common among non-mathematicians (more or less "And the next thing we get is...")

When a woman plus a man gives a woman plus a child plus a man.

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I have a mathematical proof for you:

Start with the following simple equation: $$a = b$$ (step 1) Multiply both sides by $b$: $$ab = b^2$$ (step 2) Subtract $a^2$ from both sides & factorize: $$ab - a^2 = b^2 - a^2$$ (step 3) $$a(b-a) = (b+a)(b-a)$$ (step 4) Simplify and add 1 lớn both sides: $$a = b + a$$ (step 5) $$a + 1 = b + a + 1$$ Now since $a = b$ (the starting point of this proof), we can write this as: $$a + 1 = 2a + 1$$ and in the case where $a = 1$, we have: $$1 + 1 = 2 + 1$$ So, therefore, $$1 + 1 = 3$$



1+1=3 When

the one who calculated it doesn"t know maths or not good in maths (probably a small child or someone who doesn"t learned mathematics properly)

Well, 1 + 1 has always equaled 3 :D

You see long ago, when the very first few math geniuses got together to come up with basic rules, they gave it lots of thought và settled on what"s taught today.

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But you see, numbers don"t truly exist, they"re a concept created by the human mind, & because our mind has created và developed them for years, và they are all in our head, we can merely change them.

So if you think 1 + 1 = 3, who cares if teachers và professionals say you"re wrong! You are correct! Never forget that kids ;D Don"t stop imagining! :D

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Eleven divided by two is two, và two plus four is seven. This is proven, it is as true as two equals three

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